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  • We have no limits. We develop all kinds of technical assistance projects in the bottling and packaging sector, accompanying our clients to any part of the world and bringing all of the experience of our excellent work team with us.
  • Technical Assistance Service

    Client: Krones

    Dismantling of two obsolete pasteurisers and assembly of two new pasteurisers at the plant, based on the layout and planning provided by the client.

    Discharge of machinery.

    Pasteuriser (glass).
    Packaging conveyors.
    Conveyor lubrication system.

    • Introduction and positioning.
    • Complete mechanical assembly of machinery.
    • Electrical connection to the machinery, including an electrical switchboard.
    • Tests on electric installation fields for the elaboration of the electrical reception protocol.
    • Assistance with the start up.
    • Management of waste deriving from the dismantling process.
    • Occupational risk prevention studies for carrying out the work.
  • Renovation of Pasteurisers

    Client: Mahou San Miguel

    Reconversion of pilgrim process pasteurisers to acetal mesh pasteuriser.
    Objectives met.

    • Prevention of falling bottles and continuous blockages caused by the pilgrim process conveyor system.
    • Increase in production and reduction of costs.
    • Reduction of maintenance needs.
    • Energy saving.
  • Relocation and Adaptation of Machinery

    Client: Heineken

    Electromechanical dismantling of machinery and collection of the pasteuriser, filler, palletiser, depalletiser and peripherals at the plant and the electromechanical assembly of the pasteuriser.

    Electromechanical Dismantling of the Pasteuriser.

    • Division of the pasteuriser into sections.
    • Relocation to a collection point in the plant.
    • Marking and protection of the modules:
    • Packaging material to protect the dismantled elements.
    • Support elements for the relocation.
    • Construction of benches and machine wedges.
    • Occupational Risk Prevention studies.

    Electromechanical assembly of the pasteuriser.

    • Dismantling, classification, reframing and relocation of elements from the current location to the final assembly position within the plant.
    • Positioning and electromechanical connection in the final position in the plant, including the repositioning of the electrical switchboard to a new location decided following a visit to the plant.
    • Assembly of modules employing all dismantling material that can be reused.
    • Mechanical connection of the pasteuriser with its input and output conveyors.
    • Motor, sign and sensor tests.
  • Manufacturing and Renovation

    Client: Damm

    Manufacturing, installation and final start up of the robotic line.
    Renovation of the palletising table, manufacturing of tables and dispenser and installation and reprogramming of the existing robotic palletiser and new manipulation robot.

    1. Assembly of machinery according to the previous design.
    2. CElectrical switchboard and electrical installation of palletising tables, existing conveyors and robots.
    3. Design and manufacturing of the mosaic preparation system using a manipulating robot, conveyor dispenser and shaping table.
    4. Auxiliary machinery.
  • International Project

    Client: Coca-Cola

    7-month project with a team of 10 technicians including the following points:

    • Electromechanical dismantling of the machinery belonging to the PET bottling line in Fez and sending it to the destination plant in Liberia, including all logistics relating to said relocation.
    • Design and manufacture of overhead conveyors in our facilities in Seville and sending of said overhead conveyors to Liberia.
    • Reception of all elements in Liberia and electromechanical assembly of the PET line.
    • Programming of the conveyors manufactured, start up of the line and assistance with the start up of other manufacturing machinery.
  • Suitability of the Plant According to Safety Regulations

    Client: Coca-cola European Partners

    The packaging plant’s compliance with the Royal Decree on Safety, including analysis of the initial situation and the design and manufacturing of all necessary elements such as:

    • Elevated pedestrian platforms.
    • Safety locks in the machinery zone.
    • Study and assembly and light security barriers at the end of the line.
  • Programmed repairs

    Client: Agrosevilla

    Start up of the programmed repair plans designed by the client at the packaging plant. Providence of a specialised team for carrying out repairs that ensure correct performance of the different lines which compose the production plant.

  • Maintenance Services

    Client: Ccep

    Annual outsourcing of personnel to execute the corrective and preventative maintenance plan at different fizzy drink packaging lines in all of their formats. We always try to maintain the same team in order to ensure complete familiarisation with the client’s plant and, by doing this, we are able to office services that are 100% effective and appropriate for the client’s planning.

ACA Montajes y Reparaciones